Who are WALT and WILF?

Do you have WALT and WILF in your classroom?  We do!  In my professional experience classroom, my mentor teacher actively uses WALT and WILF, and encourages me to incorporate them into my lessons as well.

WALT and WILF are  classroom helper signs which she fills in collaboratively with the students at the beginning of each lesson and can be referred back  upon at any time during the lesson.  WALT can also be to reflect upon the lessons objectives at the end of the lesson, while WILF ensures that students are producing the work that the teacher requires.

WALT – We are learning to …

WILF – What I’m looking for …

WALT and WILF signs can be downloaded from the Mrs Pancake website and can then be laminated so that they can be reused for each lesson.

8 thoughts on “Who are WALT and WILF?

  1. Hi Bek, just noticed your blog on the WALT and WILFs and have shared your link on my blog page. I had to use them as well this prac and found them quite hard to use. Hope you had better luck.

  2. I didn’t have too much of a problem using them Carmen, but remembering to use them was another issue altogether!

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    • I was using them with year 1, but think that they would be great additions to any primary classroom.

      Posters could also be adapted to high school as well where the student’s could use them both as a class and independently to ensure they are staying on the right track & meeting learning objectives.

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