Professional Experience Loge – Day 4

Great day today.

My history lesson was very successful and I got some great feedback from my mentor;

  • Subject Knowledge – Good understanding and thinking through of the learning outcomes.
  • Preparation – Well thought through variety of resources – story, YouTube clip, timeline. – Consider classroom positions (of students for each segment)
  • Interaction – Lots of positive comments. – Ensure teacher control and respect.
  • Communication – Appropriate level of questioning and explanations. – Ensure careful, step by step instructions of the activity.
  • Presentation – Use of story and pictures to sequence good introduction. – Great transition of muddled pictures and then sequencing together on timeline. – *Timing!?
  • Classroom Management – Ensure monitoring of the whole class; tuning in, listening to each other. – Use of questions to ensure all are listening. – Consider position of students for focus; carpet or desks. – Be careful not to talk over students.

Next time – ensure all students are tuning in and listening when you are speaking.  Follow through.

Ways to improve – consider positions of students.

Strengths – lesson steps and building of knowledge.

Exciting – variety of resources; story, clip, pictures.

Nice reference to WALT!

Monitoring/feedback of completed work.

So … lots of positives there as well as plenty to work on.  I was very pleased about how my ICT inclusions were received and the impact they had on the learning of the children.

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