Professional Experience Log – Day 3

Today was an interesting day, I took a one hour art session which introduced the history unit that I will be leading over the next two and a half weeks.  The children are compiling personal time capsules which contain items brought from home which they will explore and arrange chronologically.  The art session involved decoration of the large cardboard tubes which are being used to contain these items.

In discussion with my mentor teacher, I decided to use photographs and other images to decorate the cylinders.  The children viewed a selection of images on the IWB which demonstrated the types of effects that would by applied to the photographs and images.  Digital photographs were taken of each child which were printed out in black  an white and the children hand coloured these with water colours using this Marilyn Monroe image by  as inspiration

Black and white clip art images were also printed off and decorated in the style of the Spock print as viewed at the Artyfactory website.  The children drew a freehand grid and then coloured it in with pencils producing some spectacular effects.


Finally, the students dipped black and white clipart images into a strong tea solution to reproduce sepia style pictures.

This lesson didn’t go quite as planned as my final preparation was lacking, however, all children completed their artifacts and some produced some quality work.

Tomorrow will be a big day as I lead my first history lesson which includes several ICT applications including the IWB, listening to an MP3 recording and viewing and discussing a Youtube clip which features  morphing to demonstrate age progression in humans.  My preparation is much more thorough for this formal lesson and I am confident that the students will gain knowledge through it.

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