Professional Experience Log – Starday 1

So … I’ve survived my first day of professional experience, dealt with a bleeding nose,  knocked out tooth & head bump; but generally had a great day.

The children within the class range across the ‘normal’ spectrum of development and learning with the diversity that ‘normal’ entails.  I have already been able to  identify those children who require a little extra attention in regards to their learning, as well as those who are able to carry on with tasks largely unaided.  All the children speak English well, including the two children of Indian descent.

I was pleased to note that my mentor teacher, Neva, already engages ICTs within her classroom.  Today she used the Sunshine online program to enhance literacy skills for one group (rotated each day) during reading group rotation.  She also utilised the IWB (Smartboard) within math, science and writing lessons, using a range of programs including SharkNumbers and Activeinspire Primary.

I was able to take a guided reading group as well as assisting with math, writing and science lessons and marking homework.

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