The wonders of the Promethean Board

I recently had a discussion about classroom ICT practices with my sister-in-law (Janette) who is a kindergarten (prep) teacher in NSW.  She was quick to espouse the virtues of a product that she has in her classroom.  Each classroom within her school has a Promethean Board, which is basically a brand of interactive whiteboard [IWB].  As Mrs Poulter  expands within her blog post IWBs. The what, why and how, IWBs are a presentation tool which is a cross between a standard whiteboard and digital projector, which integrate sound and are touch enabled, depending on their age and the budget constraints of the individual school.

Janette is impressed by the ability of the Promethean Boards multiple user mode which allows up to four students at the one time to use the board, great for collaborative and scaffolded work.  I’ve found the following demonstration of Promethean Boards on youtube, it’s fairly extended at over 14 minutes long, but shares some great aspects of this tool while also giving some ideas that IWBs can be used for within the classroom.



Promethean also offers further support and resources through it’s website and online community, Promethean Planet, where technical advice, professional development, an interactive online community and Promethean Store are available as well as free Promethean resources that have been created by teachers and shared within the network. What a great addition to a PLN for Promethean enabled teachers!

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