Curriculum into the Classroom and The Learning Place

I’m starting to think seriously about my professional experience component of EDC3100 which is coming up VERY shortly.  I had been communicating with my mentor teacher who advised that I have a look at C2C to get some idea of what the students should be working on during my three weeks with the class.  Now that I’ve had time to actually think about it … I discover that I don’t have access to C2C … what a pain.

I’ve done some research and found out that University of Southern Queensland students can apply to gain access to the Learning Place (where there is access to C2C) by paying a fee of $30 to the uni and completing a form … something I plan on doing, I’ve just got to come across a free $30 first!  Click here to access forms and instruction.  I felt, that in order to allow pre-service teachers to effectively plan, as well as to provide an authentic prac experience, access to the learning place should be granted to all education students.  * see amendment at the bottom of this post.

On researching for this blog, however, I find something interesting, from our illustrious leader David no less.  In his blog post titled ‘What arrogance! What an insult to the rich and chaotic variety of the human experience’ David explains that this prescriptive resource diminishes, if not totally destroys, the ability for teachers to create plans to meet the individual needs of their students, as well as quashing any individuality or creativity of the teacher themselves.  Perhaps this explains why there has been no mention of C2C in any course that I have undertaken to date, and why students are not supplied with free access.

I wonder exactly how I will explain this to my mentor teacher during our next email conversation …

While on the subject of Professional Experience, Janine has posted a list of 10 top tips for pre-service teachers … anyone got any more?


* Amendment – sorry for any misleading information, I have been advised (by a reliable source) that gaining access to the Learning Place does not give access to C2C.  Queensland Education limits C2C access to teachers only due to plagiarism concerns.

6 thoughts on “Curriculum into the Classroom and The Learning Place

  1. G’day Bec,

    “Illustrious leader”? Not sure that’s a title I want, let alone deserve. “Meddler in the middle” is one title I mentioned in one of the lectures that I see as being a little more appropriate. I’m sure there are many other titles circulating amongst students. 🙂

    On the question of C2C lesson plans, my understanding is that if you get access to the Learning Place, you will still not have access to the C2C lesson plans.

    Education Queensland limits access to only its staff. In some cases, mentor teachers have been told they can’t even let students look at the lesson plans. I’ve heard mention, but can’t confirm, that this is because they believe they may be able to sell them in some way.


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