Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Upon thinking about ICTs in general and in the classroom in particular, I find it interesting and a little distressing that apparently, some teachers still think of them as optional.  ICTs have for many years, and increasingly over the past decade, been integral in almost all tertiary study and workplace environments.  In my view children should be immersed in authentic learning environments where they  develop skills which will aid them in becoming flexible learners, equipping them for life beyond school.

I believe that teachers in particular must take it upon themselves to remain abreast of technological changes in the world around them.  By passing on this knowledge and exploring new ICTs with their students, teachers are helping build resilient and flexible learners who will develop Growth Mindsets.

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset: Which One Are You

To answer the question about my own mindset, I have two answers;

  • with regard to ICTs, I would have to say that I  demonstrate a “Growth Mindset”.  As a child of the 1980s, early exposure to ICTs was limited to the DOS based computer in my primary school library.  As I entered the workplace, access to computers was increased, I was equipped with an electric typewriter when I first joined a national company head office, however I had access to my supervisors unix  based computer!  Then we got email!!!!  Anyway, this shows, that due to my employment in the field of administration, I have been forced to employ a Growth Mindset in order to keep up with technological changes within the workplace and this has continued into my private life as well.
  • with regards to learning in general, I am battling a “Fixed Mindset”.  My ego tells me that I am smart and have acquired all the knowledge I need through my own life experience.  Studying at university is proving this wrong, I really do need to continue to open myself to the ideas and experiences of others and expand my knowledge base!

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